The World in pictures, pictures of the world

Not giving alms but helping people to help themselves, opening new perspectives to minorities, helping them to develop new skills for the common benefit of everyone - these are the main goals of the foundation.

This very day, even highly qualified and talented artists are living at or below the poverty level - especially in South America. The dedication of the Michael Horbach Foundation is to enable these artists to go on with their artistic work and to develop new creative approaches.  Our culture needs their creative view of the world and an aesthetic aside the consumption.

Art has always played an important role in Michael Horbach’s life; it was even part of the corporate identity of his former firm. When he founded his foundation in the year 2000, he tried to transfer this cultural aspect to his foundation. Today the Michael Horbach foundation is awarding a photography award which values 10.000 € every two years.

Winner of the photography award

The first award went to the Columbian female photographer Lucana in 2003, to the female photographer Bettina Flitner from Cologne in 2005, to the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado in 2007, to the Cuban photographers Raul Canibaño and Juan Carlos Alom in 2009 and to the female photographer Flor Garduño from Mexico in 2011.