Lucana, was born as  Ana Lucia Pérez Tobón on February, 25 1960 at Bello (Antiquia) in Colombia. In 1988 she opened her own photo-studio in Medellin, Colombia. By means of a targeted use of light and shadow and an almost painful reduction of the image contents, her photography is utterly beguiling.

Her series „Mi gente“ - an impressive documentary about the outcasts of Medellin - is characterized by a clear pictorial language. Street kids, old people and teenager - often clothed in rags, malnourished and with dirty faces -  they all serve as symbols of the  poorest part of the society.

Lucana does not only take pictures of them, but stages them just like on an official photo session. She gives them back their dignity and places a clear statement for tolerance and humanity.

The series „Tolú”, as well as „Mi gente“ are both photographic journeys  in black and white though a country estate. The deserted house becomes a timeless space. In her pictures Lucana shows the “aesthetic of nothingness” - and shows in perfection how light change the things and even enchants the poorest places.

Her quest for pure and graceful shapes is also reflected in her series “Formas” (Body sculptures) and “Sentir” (dancing couples). Lucana´s work can be described as “photographical sculpture” because she uses light and shadows as her sculptural materials.

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