Heinz Zolper

Heinz Zolper (*1949 in Cologne) studied Fine Art at the Academy in Düsseldorf from 1969 through 1972, as well as Art and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne from 1969 through 1974. He has been working as an independent artist since 1974. In his work, he combines the most varied forms of representation, from  photography and video to the graphic arts, sculpture, and painting. Heinz Zolper lives and works in Cologne.

Works by Zolper can be found in national and international collections, including those of numerous American museums, the Kremlin in Moscow, the Federal Chancellery in Berlin, the Federal Republic of Germany, the State Government of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Deutsche Bank.


Heinz Zolper is presenting paintings from various work groups – primarily from the series “Homage to Dieter Krieg” – as well as numerous drawings. In these, he appropriates various motifs of his esteemed artist friend. In a fascinating play of light and shadow, fried eggs, lemniscates, cryptic signs, and flowers with an Asian touch set themselves apart almost sculpturally from the fibrous surface areas comprised of paper, canvas or papyrus. These haptically attractive image bearers make reference to Krieg’s works with tissue paper.
With his loose and playful way of dealing with painting, Zolper lays succinct traces of a characteristic style. It is conspicuous that he paints differently each time – as an antithesis to the repetition of the eternally identical: In this way, his works can be seen as attempts to avoid the monotony of an individual style.