James Lambourne

“Nothing is static; everything vibrates and moves and transforms itself into other things.” (James Lambourne)

“Through matter and form, mankind recognises existence, and through the means we recognise the purpose.” (Ramon Llull – Proverb CXXXIX, 16)

James Lambourne was born in London in 1956. At the age of five, he moved for health reasons with his parents to Mallorca.


A considerable portion of James Lambourne’s artistic production can be categorised within the conceptual field of Land Art. In order to comprehend the full scale of his creative work, it is necessary to trace his development from his paintings and prints through to his installations and landscape art: Lambourne’s oeuvre is closely tied to nature and the traditions of the Mediterranean region. The observation of nature is the starting point of his conceptual work. He uses more than anything else materials found in nature, such as wood, water, earth and especially stones. For the artist, these materials remain inextricably tied to nature, even when they are far removed from their original context. Their new context suggests an analogy to the system of order found in nature.

The exhibition includes works created in cooperation with the Dutch photographer René Gonkel. These depict Lambourne’s temporary installations and are manipulated to create unique objects, which oscillate between the realms of painting and photography. These often take on round or oval forms and are at times also reminiscent of microscopic views of cell structures or works by Mirò, by whom Lambourne has been inspired time and again.